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Hilla Maoz

Born in 1965 in Israel

Married to Eren

Mother of Amit and Rom

Multi-disciplinary Artist

Graduate of Hamidrasha Leomanut – Faculty of the Arts at Beit Berl College, Israel

Member of the Israel Association of Illustrators 

Avid collector of witches


A little about me…

I was born an artist (in any case, this is what my mom used to tell me).


Ever since I was a little child, I have a strong urge to create in different ways and a variety of mediums. Arts and crafts are my heart and soul, my whole world and the essence of my life. It is my source of livelihood and my personal expression since I can remember.


I have been working as an active illustrator since early on in my professional life, and until today. Throughout the years, I have illustrated hundreds of children books, some of which are presented in this website, sold in the finest book stores, and are on display in Israel Museum’s Illustration Library in Jerusalem. 


Book illustration has led me to specialize in book production. In the last 25 years, I have been running the Graphics, Production, and Publishing Department in a prominent Israeli publishing house. 


The multi-disciplinary ability I have been blessed with, alongside the knowledge and experience that I have accumulated with time, have steered me to artistic creativity in other areas, such as the design of packages, paper products, sales promotion products, calendars, planners, greeting cards, jewelry, and fashion accessories.


My products are sold successfully in Israel and worldwide, and are being used in distribution chains and big commercial companies in the Israeli market, libraries, schools, nurseries, and others. My artwork can be found in many households in Israel. 


Creativity. Process. Inspiration.

Keen observation is the basis of my creativity. My ability to observe my environment and perceive details and objects unnoticed by others, to merge them and create “something from nothing.”


The robustness of colors, the fusion of different materials, the use of different techniques, and the untraditional connections between materials and concepts, generate my personal language and my unique creative footprint.


My creative style is clearly a reflection of myself – a life-loving optimist, who experiences life through a world of opulent colorfulness and abundance of experiences. Colors and colorfulness are my guiding light and motivation in each and every one of my creative endeavors. My art can be defined as a wide collage of concepts, colors, and textures. 

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